Anne Langgaard works in different medias and is dedicated to highlight the magical potential of everyday life and objects. Cheap ordinary materials are transformed, thereby creating a space where the beautiful and poetic in everyday materials is emphasized. The volatility of life is maintained in the work in a poetic and humorous balance between the ephemeral and the eternal.


Langgaards practice is an investigative flirtation with the everyday, and it revolves around the aesthetic and sculptural qualities of everyday materials. She is intrigued by small, insignificant details, such as the crease in a piece of paper, a crumpled bag, or used dishcloths. She sculpturally process the everyday to explore its poetic potential, highlighting the beauty and value in the seemingly insignificant.


The works balances between the banal and the existential - between everyday goods from the supermarket and death as a fundamental condition. She believes that there is a unique poetry in the everyday that can strengthen our awareness of being alive. Through her sculptural explorations of everyday objects, focus is turned toward the various paths and detours of our shared reality. Life's fleeting moments are frozen in time and the works simultaneously become pictures of life, reflections on time and reminders of the fleeting nature of life. Through the insistence on valuing an immediately unimportant part of our shared reality, the order of things is questioned. Hereby everyday life is turned upside down, and everyday objects are enveloped in poetry, humor and magic.


Anne Langgaard is educated at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London (2011-13) and lives and works in Copenhagen.


She is a member of the artist-run space Sydhavn Station in Copenhagen, and was also the co-founder of Walther&Langgaard, which was a Copenhagen-based curatorial duo with artist Anna Walther. Walther&Langgaard curated exhibitions and events in non-gallery environments from 2016-2019.







Member of Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station and Danish Visual Artists




2011-13       BA (Hons) Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London


Upcoming exhibitions:



2023          Solo-udstilling Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station

2023          Jubilæums udstilling, Format Artspace


Solo exhibitons:



2022          All we have is now, soloudstilling, Manga Spazio, Via della Pieta, Nouro, I

2022          Intet Guld forbliver, soloudstilling, Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station, SV

2021          Alt hvad vi ser er fortid, Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station, SV

2020          Note til mig selv, Billboard, Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station, SV

2020          Soloexhibiton,Procrastination,17.01.20-22.02.20, Format Artspace, Copenhagen

2019          Udfoldninger, plakatfrise på Sydhavn Station,Ernst Kapers Vej 1,København SV




Selected exhibitons:


2022          OSFA7,Format Artspace, Nansensgade 35, 1366 København  K

2022          Enter Artfair, Format Artspace,Tunnelfabrikken, Nordhavn

2022          Når Tiden er vitig, gruppeudstilling, Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station, SV

2022          Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling, Kbh

2021          Galleri Feinkunst Krüger,Kohlhöfer 8, Hamburg, DE

2021          OSFA6, Format Artspace, Nansensgade 35, 1366 København  K

2021          Enter Artfair, Format Artspace,Tunnelfabrikken, Nordhavn

2020          Gallery CC, Båstadsgatan 4, 214 33 Malmö, Sverige

2020          OSFA5, Format Artspace, Nansensgade 35, 1366 København  K

2020          Enter ArtFair, Format Artspace, Tunnelfabrikken, Nordhavn

2019          OSFA4,Format Artspace, Nansensgade 35, 1366 København  K

2019          Winther Selections, Gallery Væg, Jernbanegade 20A, Aalborg

2019          NO SCRUBS, HotDock project space, Petrzalka, Bratislava, Slovakiet

2019          Plastik, EKS-RUMMET, Prags Boulevard 61, 1. sal, 2300 København S.

2019          THE FINAL EXHIBITION 2, Axel Towers

2019          Supermarket 2019, Stockholm Independent Art Fair, 4–7 April 2019, Sweden

2018          One size Fits All 3, Format Artspace, Nansensgade 35, 1366 København  K

2018          Code Art Fair, Format Artspace, Bellacenteret

2018          W&L's Artists Supplies Store, Delfi, Malmø, Sweden

2018          SHOW UP, RØM, Grøntorvet 24, 2500 Valby

2018          EKS-RUMMET, Prags Boulevard 61, 1. sal, 2300 København S.

2018          Specta Surplus Store, Galleri Specta, Peder Skrams Gade 13, 1054 København K

2017          Portrætter af sprogets opløsning, Koldinggade 12, Koldinggade 12,

              2100 København Ø

2017          Walther&Langgaards Julestue, Julius Bloms gade, København N

2017          One size Fits All 2, Format Artspace, Nansensgade 35, 1366 København  K

2017          Vi tager intet ansvar 5, Warehouse9, Halmtorvet 11A-F, 1700 København

2017          Ventesal nr. 29, Jagtvej 29, 2200 København N

2017          Code Art Fair, Format Artspace,Bellacenteret

2016          PARTY, Kunsthal ved siden af, Frederiksø 19, Bygning 2, 5700 Svendborg

2016          12-7-1, Mønsterbageriet, Haraldsgade 64, Copenhagen

2016          Shared Walls, Julius Blomsgade 30, 2200 Copenhagen

2016          Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling, Kunsthal Aarhus

2016          En anden verden,  Bodega Hjorten, Kronborggade 12, Copenhagen

2016-11       Different interventions in the public pshere in London and Copenhagen

2015          Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie

2014         ”Besides it has to be about the universe…now how do we turn that waterfall on?”,

              Sheik Shawarma, Nørrebrogade 98, København N

2013          Bench for viewing the sunset, Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Art and Design,


2013          Fabric(ate), Central Space, London

2012          BRITTVINTER, Umeå, Sweden

2011          Poster Exhibition, Ærø, Denmark

2010          CWR- Contemporary Reflections on War, “BKS Garage”,Copenhagen



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